Damn The Politics

Do What's Right for America and the World

Political Treason



      The truth is that Congress is committing treason causing our country great harm. Treason is defined as betrayal of a trust, impairing the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance or the crime of aiding and abetting an enemy of the state.

     Surely, members of Congress have betrayed the trust given to them by us, the people, to govern responsibly. Without doubt, they have harmed the well-being of our country by their dysfunctional behavior; their refusal to work together to solve our country‘s problems. One of our worst enemies, even more so than terrorism, is our unsustainable annual deficits and rapidly mounting national debt. They are clearly aiding and abetting that enemy by deliberately refusing to compromise on curbing spending and increasing revenue so as to balance the budget. Unquestionably, by definition, they are guilty of treason.

      Now, being a compassionate people, we are not in favor of hanging them, but other steps must be taken to bring them under control. We might get the President to have the Attorney General  bring treason charges against a number of their leaders. However, that’s not likely to go anywhere as the President is their accomplice and they would weasel their way out of it somehow or the Supremes would let them off. But they surely need to be tried for treason, in the court of public opinion, and appropriate punishment rendered, like throwing their asses out in the street at election time.

     The words politics, political and politician have a negative connotation, implying scheming, sleaziness and even dishonesty. Webster defines politician as a word often used derogatorily with implications of seeking personal gain, of a schemer as distinguished from statesman. That surely describes what’s going on in  our government.

      You've heard of the "sleaze factor." It is a phrase coined by a major news magazine referring to the political payoffs and influence peddling in Washington, D. C. Surely, you have seen the polls that rate respect and trust by profession, with politician at or near the bottom of the list? Will Rogers said we have the best congress money can buy.  Even one of their own referred to himself and his colleagues, as "gutless" for failure to do the right things. Richard North Patterson, in his marvelous novel, Balance of Power, speaks of the “sheer cowardice of politics,” and rightly so.

     The two political parties are polarized and generally unwilling to compromise in solving the serious problems that confront our nation. There is frequently a state of quarrelsome disagreement between the Administration and Congress, vying for power and political advantage. They don’t seem to care about the tremendous damage they are inflicting on the country and the people.

     They are serving special interest groups and playing partisan politics for the purpose of gaining re-election support, power and material possessions. Their priorities in governing are self, special interests, their party and lastly the good of the country. The bottom line is political expediency and a greater interest in their own well-being than that of the country.  Their differences on issues are not because they are true ideologues but because they are scheming politicians vying for power.

      Their job performance has been poor and that’s being generous. For example, they and their predecessors have exhibited gross mismanagement of our nation's financial affairs shackling us to that gargantuan national debt of $20 trillion. The interest alone of $432 billion every year is a huge burden on the taxpayers and a drag on the economy.  If a private business was to handle its finances as Congress does the nation's, it would be bankrupt and those responsible fired or in prison.

     Their devotion to their self and party interests rather than those of the country, and their subsequent failure to work together to solve our nation’s problems are grossly irresponsible. Their dysfunctional behavior is outrageous and disgraceful. Good God Almighty, don’t they see the serious, even disastrous, harm they are doing to the country, the people, and even themselves. We have a government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the special interests of which they  are one, rather than a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Right now, their respect among the people is lower than a snake’s belly (apologies to the snake).

    I am getting a little carried away here out of frustration with politics and what the politicians are doing to our country. Therefore, in accordance with my philosophy of being kind and showing love to others, I have to say that it isn’t entirely the fault of the individual politicians. They are good decent people most of the time, just like the rest of us. Of course, they love their country. But, it seems that when they get into their political mode, their integrity suffers, their self interest comes to the fore and they are willing to stray from doing the right thing so as to stay in power.

     We, the people, must share the fault. By our votes, we pressure them to be everything to everyone; we want our share, and usually more, of the “pork.” Hence, to keep our vote, they employ their spend, spend, spend authority. Groups of us pressure them through the lobby process to get our way. The corporations and wealthy exert heavy pressure to have it their way. They are caught up in the inefficient, divisive even corrupt political party system. Often their personal tendency to do the “right thing” is thwarted by having to be loyal to the party dictates. Still, if they exercised the integrity that they should, those practices would stop and they would always put the good of the nation and the people first.

     We, the people, must give them better guidance by both our vote and correspondence when they get in office. As well, doing the “right thing” ourselves. Let’s get one thing straight right up front. They seem to think they are in charge. They are not; we the people are! They need to write that down! They suffer the delusion of importance, power and indispensability when they are but servants; the hired help. They are dispensable and can be replaced. However, about ninety percent of the incumbents are reelected and in that we are sending them the wrong message

     We need to let them know that we want them to forget the damn politics and live up to their title of Honorable. Be statesmen and patriots, not politicians. Do what is right for their country, always! And guess what? When they do those things, they won’t have to go through all that crap of “rubber chicken” dinners, shaking hands, “begging” for funds for their reelection. We’ll keep them in their job because we’re happy with their performance.

       To reiterate, everything that they do must be in the interest of the country and the people. And that brings up the subject of special interests, on both sides of the political spectrum. They have been taking money from them in the way of political donations and in return influencing legislation that benefits their interests and harms the overall interests of the nation. That’s acceptance of bribes, a criminal offense.

      One of the most blatant, irresponsible and yes, tragic example of Congress serving special interests is their subservience to the gun lobby; their failure to enact adequate gun control laws so as to protect the lives of American citizens. The spate of killing of our school children by use of automatic weapons is a direct result of that failure.

     A 2013 UN study showed that, "While the specific relationship between firearm availability and homicide is complex, it appears that a vicious circle connects firearm availability and higher homicide levels." Lax gun laws in the United States result in 10,000 people killed every year by gun homicide. In Japan, with the strictest laws, fewer than 20 gun deaths occur annually.

     Sensible gun laws, that will  save lives, can be put in place without infringing on gun owners Second  Amendment rights. But Congress refuses to do so. It appears that donations and support from the gun lobby are more important to them than the lives of our children. Despicable!

       There are two principles that they need to write down and put where they can see them every day. They are, “the majority rules” and “compromise.” Yes, we know they  got their job through the “majority rules” principle when they got the most votes from their constituents. However, when they get on the team in Washington, the rules change.

They do need to look out for the interests of their constituents, however, their major responsibility is to the country as a whole. When they are sworn in they take an oath of allegiance to their country, not their state or district. And, as we well know, our country is very diverse, with a wide variety of interests. Obviously, all the interests of every group cannot be met and so “compromise” must be the by word.               

     We understand that can be very difficult at times. That’s when that other principle comes into play, “the majority rules.” They need to understand that the great majority in our country is the middle of the roaders, the moderates, not those on the left or right. They are entitled to be heard but because they are often antagonistic and uncooperative, their goals of having it only their way cannot be considered; the majority rules.

       We moderates believe in the work ethic, something that they need to pay more attention to. We’ve given them some leeway in their work days. However, they take entirely too much time off; they need to get back to work. They get thirty days paid vacation per year. They need to stop those “fact finding” junkets that we all know are pleasure trips at taxpayer expense. That’s called embezzlement. If they want to know the facts, pick up the phone. That’s why we have foreign service officers. Frequent recesses when they have so much work to do for the country is dereliction of duty.

      We strongly believe in living within our means. We, the majority, have conservative values but are also compassionate and see the need for entitlements. We believe every American, indeed, every human being, is entitled to the basic needs of life--food, shelter and health care. But we also believe Americans are not entitled to be freeloaders in those respects or behave irresponsibly at taxpayer’s expense, of which there is a great deal in our society. They need to address that problem.

      Our Founding Fathers were dead set against political factions, warning that they breed corruption and deceit. How right they were. Yet, we accept politics as a normal and essential function of governing. We need to change that perception. Political parties aren’t necessary or desired for a well functioning government.

      Surely, we can come up with a better system. Why not all candidates running for a government office be required to run as an independent? Or we could keep our current system for the election process, then when sworn in,  party affiliation is dropped and all members take an oath as an independent. Do away with the “aisle;” congressional member seating would be alphabetical and by seniority. This would do away with voting along party lines; voting would be by the whole body Congress, with each member voting their conscience. There would be no more majority or minority.

        America, you overwhelmingly disapprove of the poisoning, partisan politics that goes on in our government. Then do something about it. Stop sending your “politician” back to Washington again and again. Drop your party affiliation and register as an independent. Refuse to support a political party in any manner. This will encourage independents to run for office. You can then vote for the one whose platform  agrees most closely with your beliefs. It only takes the will to do this.

    We are fed up with the party politics that are so harmful to our country. We would do well to get rid of the party system. In analyzing its existence we would have to conclude that it has brought very little benefit, but rather has caused us a great deal of woe. It is the foundation of dysfunction and corruption in government. It is the source that has polarized our nation. History records that a political party system began with deception and lying politicians and it certainly continues today.

       “The United States Constitution has never formally addressed the issue of political parties. The Founding Fathers did not originally intend for American politics to be partisan. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, respectively, wrote specifically about the dangers of domestic political factions. George Washington, was not a member of any political party at the time of his election or throughout his tenure as president. He warned against political parties; that they breed corruption and deceit.”

     How right they were! All politicians would be wise to take heed. The ranks of the independent voters are increasing rapidly. At this time the number of registered independents in Arizona outnumber each the Democrats and Republicans. The “handwriting is on the wall.”  So listen up Congress people. You would do well to renounce your party affiliation and become independent. Not a member of an independent party but fully independent of obligation to any party or special interest. Your dysfunctional behavior is hurting our country and us. You’re better than that. We know you do love their country, so be a true patriot, one who loves, supports and defends his country and its interests with devotion.  It would be good to get rid of the word politician and call you patrioticians. We need an “American Spring,” a revolution in how things are done there in Washington. Show that you love your country and do what’s right for the people. Make history as the Congress that rose above politics, that really cared and did what was right for America.  And when you do what’s right for America, it will be good for the world. 


      The truth is that religion has caused humanity a great deal of grief. We would do well to consider the consequences that denominational religion has brought to the human race through its man-made doctrine. Religion is usually considered beneficial but is often otherwise. It has been the source of great enmity and violence in the world. It is a major factor in dividing the human race, when it should be uniting us with one another and with God.

    Most religious leaders would say they believe in freedom of religion and often express tolerance toward other religions and beliefs. They probably do, sort of. However, if one were to question or express disbelief of their religious doctrine, one would likely find himself not welcome in their midst. When I questioned the Christian doctrine that only Christians are saved and that God sends everyone else to hell, I was told that I was no longer welcome in my church and was eventually excommunicated. It is interesting to note that in Saudi Arabia on the road to Mecca, as you near the city, there is a road that branches off with a sign that says Infidel Bypass. All non-Muslims are infidels (unbelievers) and are not allowed in Mecca.

      More seriously, religious leaders damn other people to a hell of suffering. Most would deny it, but, in fact, they do! When they teach and preach that everyone must believe as they do to be saved, they are proclaiming that those who do not are not saved. They are condemning anyone who is not of their religious persuasion. They do it in absolute contradiction of God who unequivocally tells us in the scriptures that we are not to condemn others.

      Attempts to impose religious beliefs through Christian evangelism and Muslim holy jihad only intensify the discord. And even more derelict is the failure of the religions to follow God's basic instruction to teach love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness as the way to peace, harmony and righteousness with him. The source of all this alienation and failure to teach God's truths is flawed religious doctrine--dogma created by men. The religions of the world are by no means evil. They have accomplished much good, albeit at the same time hampering mankind's spiritual development by intertwining false, man-made doctrine with God's truths.

      The great commandments that God has given to all the religions of the world are to acknowledge him, love him, and love and care for one another. Almost all religions hold to those tenets. Then they make the mistake of adding man-made doctrine and laws, or interpreting the basic laws and instructions of God to meet their own requirements or beliefs. They require us to follow some great prophet or religious figure such as Christ, Muhammad or Buddha if we are to be “saved.”

      They declare their religion as the only true one, which must then be accepted and believed in totally if one is to achieve "paradise" or "heaven." Then they have the audacity to proclaim that their loving God damns everyone else to hell! How illogical! What narrow-mindedness! What disrespect for God!

      The basic dogma of most religious faiths is the same. We have seen that Judaism requires the Jew to be in a right relationship with his fellow men in order to be right with God.1 Likewise the Muslim must want for his brother what he wants for himself if he really believes in Allah.2 And the Christian must love his neighbor as himself.3

     Surely, our neighbor, our brother, our fellow man means all human beings. But unfortunately, to many Jews it often means only another Jew and, likewise, with the Muslim and Christian. When we look at what is happening in the Mideast, we can  clearly see that this is so. To see the hatred that exists between Jews and Arabs and the indifference and intolerance of Christians toward others, we can only conclude that, judged by their own religious doctrine, a great number of them are not believers and certainly are not in a right relationship with God.

     There are about two billion Christians in the world today. Most Muslims believe every one of those infidels is damned to hell. There are an equal number of Muslims in the world. A vast majority of Christians believe each and every one of those heathens is going to go to hell. God has perfect, unconditional love and therefore cannot damn anyone.

      The religions indeed believe that God is perfect in love and justice, as well as being a compassionate and forgiving God. How then is it possible for God to condemn  a child or anyone else who has never heard of, never been taught about, nor understood a Christ or Muhammad or Moses or Buddha? That would surely be unjust!

      It should give any reasonable, thinking person cause to wonder that such a compassionate God could condemn so many people to hell because of their religious beliefs. There has to be an inescapable, logical conclusion that all religions cannot be right, which should also give cause to wonder about the validity of their beliefs.

      We even become violent and kill each other over religious beliefs. Look at the two great religions Islam and Christianity. History records that the armies of Islam, in the seventh century, spread their belief by aggressive war. Even their fellow tribes were put to the sword if they refused to pledge their allegiance to Muhammad. After Muhammad's death, Islamic armies attacked Syria, India, Africa, Mongolia and Spain in an effort to force salvation upon the world.

        Then, for almost two hundred years, in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the European Christians mounted eight major crusades in their "holy wars" to repossess Palestine and the “Holy Lands” from the Muslims, which then became, in part, crusades to gain riches and power, and assert religious control over a people. That sort of strife has continued throughout history and even exists today. A recent report showed that, of the 42 armed conflicts that were occurring at the time the report was conducted, over two-thirds were fueled by religion.4 These hostilities are happening because the religions of the world have ignored God's command that we are to love one another, even our enemies, showing mercy and forgiveness. Peace among the nations and people of the world can never be achieved until the barriers of false religious dogma are removed.

       Religion is not only a major factor in keeping the human race separated, it is also a significant barrier to our spiritual growth. Every Sunday, in thousands of Christian churches throughout the world, hundreds of millions of people are conditioned to think that they are by nature sinful and unclean; poor miserable sinners. Their minds are programmed with, and their memories have stored the concepts that it is human to err and that they will continue to sin for the rest of their mortal life. As they think, so are they! In that manner, the Christian Church has unwittingly kept mankind in bondage to sin.

      Our ability to grow spiritually and improve our relationships with one another is stifled, even thwarted, by much of the religious teaching of the world. We are sometimes taught that it is our nature to sin and create all the hell that often plagues humanity. Those teachings surely demean and suppress the abilities of God's and man's magnificent co-creation: the human being. Such doctrine impedes growth and must be changed, for it represents a formidable barrier to that evolutionary thrust toward a higher level of human consciousness and oneness with one another and with God.

      Religion often promotes much of the guilt and low self-esteem so prevalent in the human race. Christianity, especially, depicts man as a groveling, poor, miserable sinner who can do nothing by himself to change that condition. We have been pictured as beings who "don't know how to do good but are rotten through and through" as St. Paul tells us. Or that there is no goodness in man, only "evil and darkness in the hearts of men" as Martin Luther declared.

      We are made to feel guilty if we don't belong to a Christian church, if we don't attend regularly, if we don't participate in church activities, if we don't give enough financial support to the church, and if we don't evangelize and bring others into the organized church setting.

      We are constantly reminded that we are by nature sinful and unclean beings, sometimes being told that we are totally corrupt, with no redeeming factors. As my brother-in-law, Ronnie said to me, "It has always been a downer for me to go to church each Sunday to confess, to be told and even sometimes sing that I am such a rotten human being when I feel that I'm not that kind of person at all."

      We know how the implanting of thoughts and concepts in our minds, especially with repetition and emphasis, brings those things to fruition in our lives. That continual programming of millions of church-goers with the idea that they are poor, miserable sinners who will remain so until the day they die is that ultimate, societal, self-fulfilling prophecy.

     Religions must expunge the false man-made dogma from their teachings. This is especially true of Christianity which must look again at what Christ told us. That he didn’t come to save the righteous but the sinners, Mat 9:13. That we will not get to heaven by calling him Lord, but obeying God and doing good works, Mat 7:21-16:27. That sin is not innate in our character; we can turn from our sins and do what is right and good so as to make the world good, Ezekiel 18:19-32. And that is what God expects us to do so as to be right with him, James 2:24. That we are to love our enemies and do good to them, Mat 5:44. We are not to seek vengeance. Rom 12:19.

     What if we had been taught for two thousand years to believe and live by all those words of Jesus Christ? Imagine what the world would be like! Paradise? That was what was intended for us.