Damn The Politics

Do What's Right for America and the World


My purpose for establishing this website and writing the book Common Sense and Reasonable Answers is to give people hope for the future by providing them a better understanding of the world and themselves. To change perceptions which will in turn alter bad behavior and make the world  better.


I am an optimist. I absolutely believe that humankind will eventually rise to the occasion and bring peace to the world. But not until we tear down the barriers that politics and religion have created. The world longs for and is ready for peace. It is my belief that humankind has the ability to achieve it. I would like to convince the world that is so.


June 20, 1924 welcomed me into the world at Baraboo, Wisconsin. My parents named me Warren William Luce.  Military service to my country during three wars started shortly after high school as I enlisted in the Army Air Corp. Flew twenty four missions during WWII in Europe as P-47 fighter bomber pilot. During Korean conflict, served in Pacific in support role as Air Traffic Control and Communications officer. Served a tour in Vietnam as Staff Officer and support aircraft pilot. Retired from the United States Air Force in 1970.  


I have lived in Eastern, Central and Western areas of the United States as well as in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Have studied history, philosophy, logic, religion and hold a college degree in Social Sciences. My credentials are experience, an open mind, common sense, and the courage to tell the truth.


Have no religious denomination affiliation, having been excommunicated from my Church for questioning religious dogma that God sends people, including children, to hell for not being perfect or not having certain religious beliefs. But I do have a strong spiritual belief in God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have been married to Marietta Sitz Luce for sixty seven years.


Politically, have always been an independent, voting for best qualified. I am in very good health and physical condition. I am mostly a vegetarian and bike, swim and do Tai Chi for exercise. Being sound in body and mind, although some may question the latter, I may consider running for Congress in 2020 using the election campaign as a platform to promote a better world and raise hell with the politicians and the political system. My campaign slogan will be Damn the politics, Do what is right for America and No more war! I’ll be a shoo-in. We’ll see.


Now, as a retired USAF Colonel, who has experienced and witnessed the hell and often futility of war, I have become a pacifist; an activist in pursuit of a better world. Having had a long lifetime of experience with the issues that plague us, I have dedicated the rest of my life to doing something about them, whatever it takes. What our country and yes, the world, really need is a good dose of integrity, patriotism and the golden rule. I am challenging every citizen of the world and every entity (organization, corporation, political party and government) to step up and do your part to save our countries and make the world better. That means, no more what's in it for me or look out for number one. Rather let's look out for one another and do what's right for America and the world. Always remembering that God requires us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to love one another, even our enemies.  Stand up and be counted, people of the world.


Let's Take It Back.

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